Scroll Media is a premium digital advertising network representing the advertising sales for a range of premium publishers. Scroll has a focus on sponsored content, integration and programmatic advertising sales. We strive to help advertisers and agencies discover premium inventory that align with their creative messaging objectives. 

Our passion is to help independent publishers and advertisers collaborate with a range of services and products. Using our bespoke ad technology with machine learning and AI capabilities and data offering, we can provide flexible, cutting-edge services with emerging technologies to boost earnings for our publishers, whilst maintaining quality traffic. We uncomplicate the process, provide transparent reporting and are focused firmly upon your advertising goals.

We draw from a wealth of experience and expertise in digital media advertising across APAC – From direct to programmatic ad sales of various ad formats (display, video and native) to bespoke branding integrations with websites.

Contact us now for more information: (New Zealand) and (Australia).